Privacy Policy

ViewArcs is bound by market research code of conduct to maintain and preserve the anonymity of members in the ViewArcs Online Panel.

No such personally identifiable information of our advisory members will be used for subsequent non-research purposes such as direct marketing, list-building, credit rating, fund-raising or other marketing activities relating to the individual members. We reassure you that without appropriate permission your identity and individual profile will remain strictly confidential with us. We have used appropriate state of the art data security features for safety of your identity information. The identity information shared by you would only be called upon when some reward is due to you.

In rarest of rare situation we may seek a member’s permission for data to be passed on the researcher/client in a form which allows them to be personally identified; but those rare situations would only be for market research purposes.

ViewArcs will not share your email address with anyone outside the company without your knowledge and permission (as described in this policy).

ViewArcs does not 'spam'. The only email communication you will receive from us as a result of your registration will be for legitimate business purposes associated with your panel membership.

Demographic data (e.g. household size, date of birth, income level) is collected to ensure that we send you surveys relevant to your lifestyle and interests. It is grouped together with other panelists’ data for statistical and classification purposes, and is not shared, sold or reviewed on an individual basis.

Your individual survey responses are kept confidential by grouping them together with those of other panelists and using them only in summary form. At no stage your identity is disclosed to anyone from outside the company whosoever.

Membership on our online panel is free and ViewArcs will never ask you to buy anything. Your participation helps our clients develop and refine consumer products.

Participation on our online panel is voluntary. If you choose to unsubscribe at any time, we will respect your decision unconditionally.In this privacy statement, we have described our privacy practices, including how we collect, protect and use your personally identifiable information. By becoming a member of our panel, you accept these practices.

In case a member wants to contact the winner, they must contact us and we will send an email to the winner on the member’s behalf. For any further communication between the two members, it will be sole discretion of the winner member whether he/she wants to reply to the other member or not.